About Us

Who is Firehouse Grants?

Firehouse Grants is the premier emergency services grant writing provider.

Firehouse Grants specializes in preparing grant applications for fire departments, EMS departments, and other public safety agencies. We have substantial experience in successfully obtaining funds from FEMA Fire Act programs (including AFG, SAFER, and FP&S), the Port Security Grant Program, Community Development Block Grants, corporate grants, and foundation grants. Our success is built upon our in-depth knowledge of the grant programs, our expertise in technical writing, and our understanding of fire and emergency services.

Firehouse Grants is led by David Schwartz who is an experienced grant writer specializing in the emergency services industry. David was a volunteer firefighter for 10 years in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The rest of our staff are also firefighters and we are all committed to serving you and your community.

Why Choose Firehouse Grants?

Fire and EMS departments use Firehouse Grants to ensure that their submissions are powerful and persuasive.

Firehouse Grants is able to highlight your department’s request among a sea of competitive applications. We also understand that firefighters barely have time to meet their operational demands let alone to create high-quality grant submissions. Using Firehouse Grants allows your department to focus on providing service without missing out on valuable funding opportunities. With a relatively minor investment, Firehouse Grants can generate substantial income that allows departments to improve their life saving mission.

What Separates Firehouse Grants From Others?

Firehouse Grants’ strategy for success is built on a fundamental understanding of emergency services, superior technical writing, and attention to detail.

We combine all of these elements to produce unparalleled grants with an impressive success rate. Firehouse Grants knows that successful grant writing requires more than a description of equipment. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives.

We carefully integrate key elements about the department, community, desired equipment and its benefits, and the organization’s financial need. Armed with this understanding, we ensure that the entire application precisely communicates how the department’s needs are aligned with the grant program’s objectives. After the grant is submitted, we continue to work with you by initiating letters of support and pursuing other avenues to improve the chance of success.