Get with the Program: FEMA GO is the gateway to Grant Applications

September 8, 2021by dana

Get with the Program: FEMA GO is the gateway to Grant Applications

Are you registered with FEMA GO? 


In 2019, FEMA introduced a new online platform called FEMA Grant Outcomes (FEMA GO) to manage Federal grant awards. The purpose of this new system was to “modernize and consolidate” several existing platforms, including the legacy “e-grants” portal, into a single IT platform to reduce the complexity of first responder grants. FEMA GO is now the only place to apply for most Federal grant programs relevant to first responders, including AFG, SAFER, FP&S, HMGP, and more. Collectively, these programs award thousands of grants worth more than $1 billion annually to fire and EMS departments across the country. If your organization is not registered on FEMA GO, you won’t be able to access grant applications or apply for funding.


Registering at FEMA GO


Before you can even think about registering at FEMA GO, your organization must have an active registration on the System for Award Management (SAM). Check out our recent piece about if you’re unfamiliar with that process.



The person listed in as the “E-Business Point of Contact” (E-Biz POC) is the only person that will be able to complete the initial FEMA GO registration. First, they will need to create an account at FEMA GO using the same email address that is associated with the E-Biz POC. Once the account is validated, they can enter the organization’s DUNS number to complete the registration.


Know Your Role


The contact who initially registers the organization at FEMA GO will automatically be assigned the role of Authorized Organization Representative (AOR). This role is an administrator position with the highest level of permissions. The AOR will be able to add team members to the organization’s FEMA GO account. Other user roles include:


  • Organization Member (can create and edit but cannot submit applications, payment requests, amendment requests, closeout reports; can view but cannot modify team members)
  • Financial Member (same permissions as organization member, but can also submit payment and amendment requests)
  • Programmatic Member (same permissions as organization member, but can also submit amendment requests)
  • Grant Writer (can create and edit but cannot submit applications)


I’m Registered at FEMA GO – Now what?


FEMA GO is the online platform where you will create and submit most of the Federal fire grants or EMS grants including AFG, SAFER, and FP&S. FEMA GO is also used to manage existing awards from FY2018 and beyond. Although FEMA is still adding additional grant management functionalities, users are currently able to do the following:


  • Prepare and submit applications
  • Accept awards
  • Prepare and submit payment requests
  • Prepare and submit SF-425 semi-annual Federal financial reports


Future capabilities will include amendment requests and closeout reports.


Don’t Wait – Act Now


If you’re thinking about applying for a Federal Fire Act grant, get ahead of the curve by registering at FEMA GO. If you wait too long, you just might get shut out of this year’s application cycle. If you need any help preparing first responder grants or registering at FEMA GO and, please reach out to us.



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