Below is a sampling of the successful applications prepared by Firehouse Grants:
$575,000 AFG Vehicle Award for a 75' Quint
$264,950 Regional AFG Award for 47 portable radios and 10 mobile radios
$142,602 AFG Award for 18 portable radios, 8 mobile radios, and 1 base station
$200,000 AFG Vehicle Award for a new Tanker
$100,800 AFG Award for 11 SCBA, 25 sets of turnout gear, thermal imaging camera, RIT Packs, and hydraulic rescue tools
$152,250 AFG Award for 29 SCBA
$51,300 AFG Award for an exhaust ventilation system, turnout gear washer/extractor, backup camera, safety goggles
$69,000 AFG Award for an Automatic Sprinkler System
$53,398 FP&S Award for fire prevention programs including smoke alarm installation, public service announcements, website, and brochures
$94,000 CDBG Award for a firehouse renovation including roof, HVAC, and kitchen upgrades
$732,000 SAFER Award for county-wide recruitment and retention program
$107,010 AFG Award for 15 portable 800Mhz radios and an air compressor
$33,600 AFG Award for 25 bailout kits and apparatus headsets
$834,070 SAFER Award for recruitment and retention projects including AD&D insurance, training reimbursement, annual awards, and recruitment ads

$753,350 SAFER Award for a Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention Campaign

$407,800 Port Security Grant Program Award for a 32’ Fire Boat

$549,600 SAFER Award to Hire 8 Career Firefighters

$75,646 AFG Award to replace old hose and water supply equipment
$48,980 AFG Award to purchase a new compressor, cascade, fill station system